Book Launch with Author Sandra Dodge

Tuesday, February 274:00—5:00 PMChildren's RoomBarrington Public Library105 Ramsdell Lane, Barrington, NH, 03825

Join us for an afternoon with author Sandra Dodge, presenting her new novel Out of the Waspic. Sandra Dodge is a Barrington resident with several of her children’s books in our collection. This is her first book that is in our Juv Fiction section, her other works are in our Easy Fiction section. She has a diploma in Fine Arts, a Bachelor's degree in Preschool Education from the University System of New Hampshire, and a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from New England College. She spends her time with her husband of 52 years in New Hampshire and coastal Prince Edward Island.

About the Book:

Out of the Waspic is a fantasy. The two main characters are Sitkah and Chignon. They are teenage friends. Sitkah is a human boy, and Chignon is a female unicorn. They undertake a perilous adventure into the forbidden region known as the Waspic. Their adventure begins with a harrowing hike through haunted woods. They make many bad decisions as they journey on; ending up captured by Necro Leugh, the evil master of Hinnom.

In Hinnom, they both believe they have been rescued. Leugh is the master of lies. Chignon is wary, but Sitkah is enthralled. Leugh has been waiting to capture a human, and here is Sitkah on his doorstep; but he must separate Sitkah from his friend. Chignon's view of herself as a scholar enables Leugh to tempt her with supposed treasures in his ancient library. When Necro manipulates Chignon away from him, Sitkah feels abandoned. Through fawning compliments, promises, lies, isolation, and drugs, Leugh seduces Sitkah. Playing on Sitkah's pride, Leugh convinces Sitkah that he is the fabulous warrior for whom Leugh has been waiting. When Sitkah learns that Necro Leugh's all-time enemy has appeared in the Waspic, Sitkah is ready to ride off to battle.

The enemy is not what Sitkah expects. He is a pure white wooly lamb. Necro's army takes the lamb back to the dungeons in Hinnom, where Necro easily manipulates Sitkah into being the executioner. Sitkah wields the dagger and stabs the lamb to death, jubilant in his role, but something completely unexpected happens.

The blood of the lamb destroys Necro Leugh and his evil army. A new character appears: a great white winged horse that rescues Sitkah from the destruction. When Sitkah is overcome with remorse, the dead lamb miraculously reappears, unscathed, and Sitkah is forgiven.

In the end, the two friends are joyously reunited.

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